Foal season is underway..

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Foal season is underway..
Foal season is underway..

As the days have got longer and brighter, we are delighted that foaling season has started.

We've been busy preparing and cleaning stables ensuring a safe and comfortable environment for our expecting mares. Daily monitoring for signs of impending foaling is in full swing.

This is such an exciting time for the whole yard, it is wonderful to see the next generation of superstars make their entrance into the world.

We are incredibly lucky to have a wonderful selection of broodmares and we've introduced some new stallion bloodlines.

1) Chacoon blue x Quickstar
2) Chacoon blue x Locarno x Livingston
3) Ermitage Kalone x Douglas VDL x Nimmedor
4) Continental Blue x Elvis Tu Putte x Caretino Glory

Demonstration Evening at Hickstead
Demonstration Evening at Hickstead

On Saturday 20th April, I attended Hickstead to demonstrate my skills and knowledge of Showjumping to the members of the South Coast Riding Camp.

I demonstrated flatwork tips, how to warm up and down before entering an arena and most importantly how to keep your horse calm and relaxed especially with people sat so close. It was lovely to meet new faces and answer so many different questions.

Billy Hastings was the star of the show, he rose to the occasion and loved the attention.
Thank you to hutchinsonphotography for taking some stunning photos of him. 🇬🇧⭐️

If you would like 1-1 training or a group session, if your thinking of getting a group of friends together to make it more fun send me an email or give me a call for more information.